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Reliable Solutions for the Automotive Industry

As a long-standing specialist in this sector, DB Schenker has a powerful history of providing solutions to the Automotive Industry.

DB Schenker applied its extensive experience to creating customized automotive logistic solutions that improve timing for critical processes, while eliminating those that do not add value. Leading manufacturers and suppliers alike turn to DB Schenker to provide innovative and effective supply chain solutions.

Industry Focus
DB Schenker services the complete supply chain, from raw materials, to pre-production, production, aftermarket and enhancement products. Our experiences are from providing the most complex solutions to leading auto manufacturers and have been recognized in the Asia Pacific region for our Automotive Logistics Expertise. Our Automotive Solutions assist customers such as:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors and Dealers
  • Materials and Component Suppliers
  • Accessories and Durables

DB Schenker customizes its logistics services to the respective customer requirements and manages the targeted processes, combining them with the most appropriate IT, warehousing, production or transport resources. As needs and processes evolve, DB Schenker can build on these foundations and increase its operational and management role to further facilitate and streamline supply chain activities over time.

Reliable Solutions
DB Schenker solutions have the flexibility and scope to address multiple logistics requirements. For inbound functions, DB Schenker’s supply chain management solutions can start with a bill of material (BOM) receipt and end at the point of fit in an assembly plant, encompassing every touch point in between. Solutions can also be expanded to include assembly and quality tasks within a customer’s site. For outbound requirements, DB Schenker has developed global CKD (complete knock-down) and SKD (semi knock-down) operations that include packaging design and management of returns. DB Schenker Automotive Logistics Services include:

  • Supply Net Solutions (SNS)
  • CKD/Part by Part/SKD
  • Consolidation/Deconsolidation Center
  • Automotive Supplier Parks/Production Supply
  • Just in Sequence Deliveries
  • Spare Parts Management (SPM)
  • Distribution Centre Management
  • Finished Vehicle Distribution/PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) Centres
  • Completely Build Unit (CBU) transportation
  • Component Sequencing Center
  • Vehicle Monitoring Systems (VMS) from production to dealerships
  • Integrated Logistics Center
  • Total Supply Chain Transparency

Proven Benefits
Our customers enjoy the benefits of having such a dedicated, capable and effective Logistics service. Both through its long history in vehicle transportation as well it’s track record in managing services for automotive logistics services, DB Schenker offers a full service spectrum of logistics services within a highly flexible environment. Some of the benefits of our Automotive Solutions :

  • A competent counterpart for your overall ServicesManagement
  • Expertise exchange of packaging design and operations
  • The optimization of the goods flow by an application of advanced Technology
  • Permanent monitoring with modern tools
  • Consequent reductions of overall logistics costs
  • Higher flexibility and transport control for your overall service supply chain
  • Technical capabilities and Best practices experiences applied to your business

Last modified: 06.09.2017

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