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Retail in Asia Pacific with DB Schenker

The world of retail spins fast – short life cycles and dramatic seasonal variations, together with ever-changing trends, and increased globalization, place extremely high demands on supply chain requirements.

We have specialized in five sub segments of the Retail industry: Fast Fashion, Luxury Goods, Specialty Retailers, General Merchandise and ‘HoReCa’. Our specialists take care of the specific requirements for each segment, all of them being highly dependent on constant attention and visibility.

Global Network

DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading providers in air, ocean, land and rail freight, as well as contract logistics. Our large network guarantees transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes for all our customers. As your business changes, our global presence of industry expertise will benefit you - both from a sourcing to a retail perspective.


Apart from traditional transportation requirements, DB Schenker offers customized solutions for the Retail Industry:

  • Direct to store distribution, offering DC bypass
  • Origin services; Milk-run, QC, consolidation, pick to store, staging, labeling, tagging
  • Luxury goods requirements; garment on hanger, enhanced supply chain security
  • Sample programs
  • Regional DCs
  • Hubs for multi country consolidation
  • Supply chain analysis & design
  • DC operation catered for Fashion Retail, both B2B and B2C
  • Shop distribution throughout APAC, including B2C competencies
  • E-Commerce fulfillment services; process optimization, network design, systems setup and integration, peak season handling


With the fast changes in the market place, DB Schenker’s various visibility products will be the key to success in your supply chain. We tailor-make solutions to fit your requirements in terms of visibility, reliability, flexibility, scalability. Our solutions support your high quality standards, be it for the transportation or DC portions of your supply chain.

Last modified: 05.01.2016

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