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DB SCHENKERhigh-tech / semi-con

Development of the DB SCHENKERhigh tech / semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is a fast growing albeit volatile market in an ever changing environment.

DB Schenker has acquired broad experience in the Semicon logistics market for many years and is proud to name some of the market leaders as its customers.

Due to the growing market and the already existing relationships with customers of this industry, DB Schenker Asia Pacific clearly defines the Semiconductor industry sector as one of its target markets.

DB Schenker Asia Pacific is convinced that it is essential to have a dedicated team of specialists that will consolidate the activities by having an overview of the several accounts of the Semiconductor industry. "One stop shopping" to create complex integrated logistics solutions to enhance the business competitiveness can be offered.

The logistics solutions are not only limited to transportation, but also to warehousing and distribution solutions. Following services can be offered to the Semicon industry:

  • Equipment Logistics: Crating, Transportation, Clean room Logistics
  • Spare Parts Logistics: Warehousing, Pick & Pack, Transporting,
  • Finished / Semi-Finished Products Logistics: Packaging,
    Transportation, Warehousing, Distribution
  • Value Added Services: Backlog Management, Vendor Management,
    Call Centers, In-house Logistics, IT solutions

Last modified: 06.09.2017

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