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Schenker Singapore's Early Adoption of EuroVI Emission Standards

 DB Schenker is setting the standard for environmentally responsible transportation and logistics. As society continues to face greater pressures to protect the environment, the transportation sector is being called upon to lead the drive and make a considerable impact to these efforts. We know that as transport grows, CO2 emissions, along with other harmful substances can still indeed be reduced. We’re committed to leading the way in the environmental protection movement by becoming the leading green logistics services provider.


Schenker Singapore, in partnership with Meteorite Logistics, has commissioned the use of 2 EURO VI trucks to support local deliveries in Singapore. The Euro VI emission standard for new diesel vehicles is set to come into force in Singapore from 1 January 2018. In NEA’s continued effort to further improve air quality and safeguard public health, this latest and more stringent standard will serve to further reduce the emission of air pollutants such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission from diesel vehicles. Currently, the standard for diesel vehicles in Singapore is Euro V.  This represents an early adoption of this new standard, which reflects DB Schenker’s focus on being an environmental pioneer.


The Euro VI is the latest vehicular emission standard set by the European Union (EU). The EU’s vehicular emission standard imposes strict rules on tailpipe emission for new vehicles sold in EU member states. They have also been progressively implemented in many other countries around the world as the go-to standard.

Last modified: 05.09.2017


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