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Customised I.T. Solutioning

Customised Applications

Backed by the Regional Support Center, DB Schenker in Singapore provides benchmarking solutions that enable logistics processes in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Established as a leading, global IT logistics service provider, DB Schenker offers a myriad of commerce and business applications and solutions that are built on revolutionary technologies.

Real-time Information

DB Schenker's Customer Information System (CIS) is designed to provide customers with real-time information on shipments, purchase orders, events and shipment status through the internet. Key functions of the System include customising project set-up, project driven log-in for enhanced security, and shipments and PO data download possibilities. Pick-up and delivery events are generated via hand-held scanners through our LOS system, which allow real time supply chain status visibility, and ensure an efficient transport management optimization.

Warehouse Management

DB Schenker's Warehouse Management System (HTS WMS) is a cutting-edge inventory management system that assists clients to manage daily in-coming and out-going shipments. The System provides customers with more control and management over their shipments and allows them to customise reports according to individual distinct specification.

Purchase Order Handling

DB Schenker's integrated Logistics System (ILS) is a purchase order handling management system designed for vendor order management. Key features of this System include project profiling that defines up to eight levels of customer reference numbers, a shipping window time-line concept, and consolidation of orders into commercial invoices.

Operating Systems

DB Schenker's Professional Carriage System (ProCars) = freight forwarding operating software - offers capabilities such as monitoring of workflow through departments, registration of shipments data files, creation of documentation, registration of purchases, and creation of a profit and loss calculation.

Secure Delivery

DB Schenker ensures maximal security by providing complete end-to-end delivery solution to its clients. Coupled with distint functions like Secure Message Delivery, and Secure Electronics Documents that help clients reduce costs and increase efficiency, DB Schenker's Mail service opens up more possibilites in logistics innovations.

Corporate Network

DB Schenker Integrated Global Network (SIGN) is a corporate network designed to serve as a supporting frame of DB Schenker Worldwide Online Real-time Data Network (SWORD). Hence DB Schenker in Singapore is connected to some 750 locatinos worldwide via a global private network. SIGN supports all activities that hinge on centralised applications such as ProCars, SWORD and E-mail.

Information Exchange

DB Schenker's SWORD service integrates and allows exchanges information across businesses, systems, and technologies by providing seamless integration within the enterprises, B2B integration, dynamic trading communities, and supply chain synchronisation.

Pan-Asia Connection

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides client with comprehensive and extensive logistics services tapping on its LAN and WAN connection throughout Asia. DB Schenker's VPN allows encryted connection from outside DB Schenker networks to the DB Schenker network, making connections and accesses to even the most remote location possible.


  • Data Warehouse
  • Electronic P.O.D.
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • LDS
  • IP Telephony
  • MS - Management Information System
  • Storage on Demand
  • SMS Status Update
  • Terminal Services

Last modified: 05.01.2016

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