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Logistics for the over-sized


From CAD drawings right up to delivery at job sites, we bring expertise in the planning, developing and organising of the most suitable solutions for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) sector.

With our worldwide operations, DB Schenker has a high level team of specialists experienced in all aspects of customised special project logistics, including many with particular expertise in the fields of oil, gas, military and projects.

Coupled with an understanding and appreciation of geographical complexities, DB Schenker provides you with diligent advice and professional service on specialised route planning surveys and studies.

With the expertise and experience in handling forwarding projects for the various industries, DB SCHENKERprojects maintains meticulousness in coordination and planning works - zeroing in on the minute details. It is our priority to ensure our consignees receive goods with distinct and on-time deliveries and/or placements.

DB Schenker makes sure that every stage of the forwarding process is well analysed and monitored - whether it is to procure and transport components to major sites locally or globally - while offering an option for temporary storage spaces where necessary.

Services include:

Defence Logistics


  • Legal authorisations
  • Logistics support
  • Customised services
  • Special freight for special operations
  • Coordinationnd monitoring


  • All types of helicopters
  • Logistics support
  • Hangars and warehouses
  • Transport and carrier selection
  • Pick-up and delivery services


  • Scheduled and non-scheduled options
  • Temporary storage space allocation
  • AUTOCAD solutions
  • Door-to-door, up to site deliveries worldwide
  • Extensive project reference listings

Last modified: 05.01.2016

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